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Leveraging the Strategic Frontier Advantage

Collaborative Integrated Chief Investment Strategist, and

Specialist in Global Strategic & Tactical Multi-Asset Allocation

Strategic Frontier Management, LLC is an independent California Registered Investment Adviser founded in 2015 and incorporated in March 2016 to provide global tactical and strategic asset allocation investment advice and strategic consulting for asset owners, including retirement plans, family offices, endowments, foundations, high net worth individuals, and their investment advisers. As an experienced trusted adviser, we seek to be institutionally competitive, committed to providing exceptional service with customized solutions for clients worldwide.


Greater focus on global multi-asset solutions suggests that tactical opportunities are increasing with global economic dispersion, evolving risk measures, and market uncertainty. Our distinctive strength is leveraging proprietary quantitative investment research and thought leadership to manage various portfolio strategies. We exist solely to meet the needs of our clients. We aim to rationalize a complex world of uncomfortable investment choices with creative disciplined investment solutions designed to exceed our clients’ unique objectives and risk-adjusted return expectations. Disciplined risk management provides for greater portfolio management control, flexibility, and risk-adjusted value added.

Product and Service Offerings

  • Collaborative Investment Strategy Advisory Services provide asset owners and their investment advisors access to global asset allocation and investment strategy solutions, long-term expected returns, risk measures, future theme insight, thought leadership, and experienced CIO expertise spanning a spectrum of investment objectives and risk aversion, which can be customized to meet unique and specific client guidelines or constraints. We work collaboratively to design and implement investment policy statements or can join your investment committee to leverage our independent and prudent institutional asset management capabilities.

  • Global Strategic and Tactical Multi-asset Portfolios provide asset class exposures relative to benchmarks and strategic asset allocations that span most potential investment objectives and risk tolerances. These model portfolios guide direct investors to leverage our proprietary investment process across a broad decision universe. Clients may customize active and total risk, as well as combining a variety of underlying security selection strategies, from index and ETF to active security selection for implementation.

     ASSET ALLOCATION: The Most Important Decision For Investors

Strategic Frontier Overview Briefing

Overview of SFM

Achieving your long-term investment success is important to us, and we'd appreciate the opportunity to discuss how we can help. E-mail us at: or ring us at 925-785-9584.

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